1. Where does the name SAKOS® come from?
SAKOS® comes from the Greek word Sakoúles, which means bags. Founder Chris Lee has always been fascinated with Greek mythology, therefore, he Americanized the term Sakoúles and made it SAKOS®, which really, in his definition, backpacks.

2. What does the brand SAKOS® stand for?
To Chris Lee, a backpack is a symbol of hope.  Backpacks are most associated with students as well as travelers.  A backpack is meant to be carried from one point to another, as it represents transition, progress and change.

3. How was SAKOS® started?
The beginning of SAKOS® dated back to January 2003 when Chris Lee dreamed of owning a backpack brand that would one day make an impact to society.  He and his family started designing and producing quality backpacks for students and business travelers.  After a series of trials and errors SAKOS began to explore other products to keep the company alive. 

4. Is SAKOS® a non-profit company?
No. SAKOS® is a for-profit company, but also a for-benefit entity at its core with a vision to partner with those in need in the U.S. With its We’ve Got Your Back! program, SAKOS offers customers the opportunity to become a contributor and know where and to whom he or she made the impact.  Moreover, SAKOS backpack serves as a daily reminder to the recipient that someone somewhere
cares for him or her, unconditionally.

5. To whom and how does SAKOS® give a backpack?
SAKOS® works closely with foundations, that verify children who are victims of neglect, abuse, and other forms of violence.
6. What other countries does SAKOS® give backpacks to?
Currently, SAKOS donates backpacks to children in need in the United States only.
7. What do backpacks have anything to do with poverty?
SAKOS believes poverty and lack of education intertwine.  There seems to be an energy between the two that keeps on feeding each other, endlessly.  To Chris, a backpack is a strong symbol for education as well as representing mobility, as mentioned earlier.  Because a backpack is meant to be carried from one point to another, it also represents transition, progress, and change.  Chris strongly believes that children in need will see SAKOS’ backpacks as a daily reminder that someone somewhere cares unconditionally and are a symbol of hope during their moment of despair.

8. Who decides who receives the backpack as a gift?
Though SAKOS and non-profit foundations collaborate to help benefit the children, it is the foundations’ and their school district, who decides the recipients of the gift backpacks.

9. How is your backpack distributed to the recipient child?
Depending on the foundation’s policies on gift receiving, distribution method varies. Some foundations prefer that we set up an event and distribute the backpack to the children by handing the backpack to each child, accordingly.  Others have us deliver the backpacks to the administration for review, and then the staff distributes the backpacks themselves.

10. Is SAKOS® affiliated or associated with any other companies or brand?
No.  SAKOS® is not associated or affiliated with any other businesses, brands, or products.  SAKOS prides itself by making a true genuine impact with its innovative Movement.


1. What materials is SAKOS® backpack made of?
The high-end lifetime warranty SAKOS® backpack is made with a 1680D water-resistant ballistic heavy-duty nylon fabric as well as durable lining material. 

2. Are SAKOS products offered at retail stores?
Yes, please visit The Movers’ page for the list of store Ambassadors supporting SAKOS® and its Movement. You’re also welcomed and encouraged to contact your local stores and inquire about supporting the SAKOS Movement. 

3. What is the SAKOS® Movement about?
The Movement is about a community spreading and acting out the SAKOS® message about combating poverty with education right here in the U.S.  There are 45 million Americans living in poverty; 16 million of them are children; and 1.2 million students drop out of educational systems before finishing high school.  SAKOS’s mission is to eliminate this 1.2 million dropout rate.  As a result,
having a certain level of education will help reduce poverty.

4. What is the SAKOS® Mover?
A Mover is a person or a business entity who joins the SAKOS®’ Movement by registering his or her email address on SAKOS website and share the SAKOS® Movement with at least three people he or she knows.

5. How can I support the SAKOS’ Movement?
It’s very simple! All you have to do is share the SAKOS® Movement message to your friends, community, co-workers, or family via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, emails, texts, and so on.

6. Why join the SAKOS® Movement?
Other than making an impact in a child’s life and improve your community, you or your business will be recognized and promoted on and throughout SAKOS’ passionate, caring and supportive community – both online and off.  As a business, it is to your advantage that your customers view your entity as a socially conscious and caring organization.  By spreading the SAKOS® message or selling SAKOS® products, you are giving back to the community and making an impact.


1. How much does shipping and handling cost?
The cost of shipping and handling depends on quantity, weight, destination and method of shipment.  Typically, shipping and handling a single unit backpack via USPS-PRIORITY ranges from $9.95-$14.95.  Some parts of the country where there’s no easy access for delivery may cost higher.

2. What does SAKOS® ‘Lifetime Warranty’ mean?
Lifetime warranty means SAKOS® stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of its entire bag products for the lifetime of the product (original sales receipt required). This warranty covers the product for the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship only. If the product ever fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, then SAKOS® will repair or replace with like products at its discretion.

3. What is your return and exchange policy?
Due to the nature of SAKOS’ business model, there is no return.  SAKOS® accepts exchanges due to manufacture defects only.  A customer must notify SAKOS® of the manufacture defect within 30 days of receiving the merchandise.  For the manufacture defects return policy, please visit and review SAKOS®’ warranty policy.

4. Can I exchange the merchandise if I purchased it at a retail store?
Yes, if you notify SAKOS of the manufacture defect within the 30 days of purchase.  Keep original receipt. 
5. Does SAKOS® drop-ship?
Yes.  For a customer ordering the merchandise you can indicate a specific drop-ship address with no fee.  For a store-Ambassador or a Corporate-Ambassador, there is a drop-ship fee between $2.50 - $4.50 per unit; depending on quantity.  Please discuss with your Executive Ambassador for more detail information.

6. Does SAKOS® ship to other countries?
SAKOS does not ship to international addresses except for Canada. 

7. Does SAKOS® offer volume discount?
Yes, please contact your Executive Ambassador or email your inquiry to

8. Does SAKOS® offer corporate co-branding?
Yes, with a prepaid minimum order quantity of 500 units, SAKOS® offers co-brand labeling.


1. What is a SAKOS® Ambassador?
A SAKOS® Ambassador is an Individual or an Organization representing SAKOS® Movement and selling SAKOS® products. There
are different types of Ambassadors:

a. Corporate-Ambassador: A corporation such as The Boeing Company or Nestle supporting the SAKOS Movement by promoting SAKOS®’ products and messages to its employees.

b. Individual-Ambassador: An Individual representing SAKOS® and its Movement by marketing, promoting, and selling SAKOS®’ products.

c. Store-Ambassador: A brick-and-mortar retail store that displays, markets, and sell SAKOS® products.

d. Online-Ambassador: Like a brick-and-mortar store-Ambassador, an Online-Ambassador also lists, markets and sells SAKOS® products.  The minor difference is a drop-ship fee between $2.50 to $4.50 applies.

2. How do I become a SAKOS® Ambassador?
Thank you for your interest.  To become a SAKOS® Ambassador, you can register on SAKOS®’ website at Ambassador Registration.  A SAKOS® administrator will contact you once your application is reviewed and approved.