STYLE # 1001-RED

We've Got Your Back™


STYLE # 1002-BLU

You've Got My Back™


The SAKOS We've Got Your Back™ ALL-AROUND Laptop Backpack is available in two styles: 

Style# 1001-RED (Red logo with side pockets) and Style #1002-BLU (Blue Logo with should strap detachable pouch - w/o side pockets).

Each is a fully-loaded multiple-compartment bag assembled with heavy duty and durable water-resistant material and zippers to withstand any types of weather and beating it may be thrown into. Laptop compartment is equipped with anti-shock absorption padding to help protect most 17-inch and smaller laptops against damage if you happen to bang or drop your bag on surfaces.

Featuring added tablet pocket of fleece lining to help eliminate scratches of device.

Each has additional interior compartments and mesh dividers for generous extra storage space for mouse, mobile phones, charges, cameras, keys, gate clickers, water bottles and everything else. Roomy slot at the top of bag is for easy access to your sunglasses when hiking or passport when going through airport security. The bag is expandable to its full 9.5 inches width and also collapsible to 4 inches thin for more stylishness and mobility. Adjustable chest anchor strap allows perfect fit and movement. Back slot allows bag to be placed securely onto luggage handle for ease of travel while back panel and shoulder straps assembled with advanced padded cushioning foam for ultimate comfort.