For every SAKOS backpack purchased, one will be donated to a child in need somewhere in the U.S.  By making a purchase, you are planting the seed of hope, establishing a lifelong partnership and making a positive impact to a child's life.

We've Got Your Back™ is a campaign created to help combat poverty through education.  It is a constant reminder to the child that someone, somewhere, "has his or her back" and wants him or her to succeed in life.

The Facts

45 Million

Americans in the USA
live below the poverty line

16 Million

of them are Children


1.2 Million

Students drop out of school before finishing High School in the U.S. every year
The Movement
At SAKOS, we believe one the best things people can do to help combat poverty effectively is to partner with someone in need. Giving alone is not enough. It has never proven to be a long term solution.
The Movers
The Movement cannot happen without the dedication of the people who believe and share the SAKOS' mission with the world.
Share the movement and fight poverty. We need you!
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The Results
By purchasing a SAKOS backpack, you are planting a seed of hope and help create a path that brings light and guidance for a better future to a child in need.


The Facts

There are many root causes of poverty, but one major systematic cause is lack of education.  Children of poverty are often deprived of a strong foundation, and positive environment centered on education.  As a result many end up trapped in a cycle seemingly impossible to escape.

The Movement

For every SAKOS We've Got Your Back(TM) Backpack purchased, SAKOS will donate the same style backpack to a child in need - in the U.S.

Just as important, SAKOS provides you with the option to stay connected, anonymously, with the child to received the backpack and follow his / her progress.

Every backpack comes with a unique serial number that you can register on the SAKOS website. Similarly, each donated backpack comes with a unique serial number.  Upon registration, our system will randomly connect you with the recipient of your donated backpack, and offer an anonymous platform for the two of you stay connected.  By exchanging positive messages and updates, you will be able to personally learn about the impact you have made in the child's life.

The Results

Imagine someday the child that received your donated backpack, as a result of your purchase, reaches out to you to express their gratitude and let you know that your action has truly made a positive impact in his / her life.

What if he / she tells you that your gift helped them focus on school, and served as daily reminder of the generosity and thoughtfulness of others.  Hopefully that child will go on to get great education, and grow into a positive contributor to society, continuing onward and multiplying this positive impact, exponentially.  This, if even in a small way, will be a direct result of your purchase, and commitment to partner with this child.  What a gift!